Wanna blast back & biceps? Try this!

Whether you're looking to switch up your routine or want to inject some creativity into your current program, try this workout I ran through yesterday and leave comments on what you would like to see next!

-2 Count Paused Pullups- 5x8

-(Wide grip) Seated Cable Rows- 5x8

-Seated Hammer Curls 5/1/0 (negative with a pause at the top) 5x5

-Close Grip Lat Pulldowns- 5x10

Superset with: 

-Standing Figure 8 Curls- 5x8

-Bent Over DB Rows with pronated twist- 5x12 (last 3 sets AMRAP)


Finish off with a little shoulder pump: 

Eccentric OHP (barbell) 5x8

Superset with:

-Chest supported Rear Delt Flys- 5x15

[Add in 110 percent for an incredible pump]

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