A long term solution to your energy needs

For every supplement on the market, there is a claim of "endless energy" or strength and power gains that surpass your wildest imagination.. But these come at a price. Caffeine is not a magic elixir with limitless potential and zero consequences.  

Caffeine (and we will dive into other added stimulants in later posts) has a half life of 6-7 hours, which means taking too much will cause and exacerbate issues with sleep, anxiety, focus, and recovery. So many times, we buy a new supplement and love it for a few days before it starts to lose its potency, and you are forced to use more and more to feel the effects.

The key is finding a preworkout that powers your workout without the need to double or triple scoop. Look no further than 110 Percent.

The focus blend of L-Theanine, Tyrosine, Alpha GPC and Caffeine works synergistically to fuel your workout but limit the after effects. Moreso, it provides value over time because it is formulated to have added bioavailability. 1 scoop will always deliver that same punch of energy and performance benefits.

Not only the most comprehensive product on the market, but one that will aid in your long term success while keeping money in your wallet.

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  • Darrion Martin

    Use to eat papa johns now it’s papa supplements, crazy how the world changes lol

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