My name is Kevin Papa. I have been a lifelong athlete, most recently playing 3 seasons in a semi-professional football league and currently a USAPL competitive powerlifter. I have been a personal trainer and strength coach for 8 years, both in person and online. I have been passionately involved in helping others achieve their healthiest form, attempting to create an atmosphere where others can learn and grow in whatever direction and discipline they desire. 

When I founded 110 Percent, I realized how much of the industry was built on lies and prioritizing profit over customer satisfaction. My goal has and will always be to help those around me bolster their strengths while improving upon their weaknesses. Any journey in health is long term, and it involves commitment, but you should be able to wholeheartedly trust those guiding you.

I am here to help in whatever capacity I can. It goes beyond a workout program. I have a commitment to those who trust in me and I plan on building upon that trust. Tell me how I can assist you.