Pre-Workout (Original Batch)

Pre-Workout (Original Batch)

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The antithesis to the modern energy drink; all substance and less stim. With 250mg of caffeine aided by L-Theanine, Tyrosine, and Alpha GPC to bring a locked in focus to your workout. Taurine, Beta Alanine, Creatine, and Betaine to buffer lactic acid, increase muscular endurance, mitigate muscle damage, and aid in muscle synthesis and repair. Citrulline malate, Red beet powder, and Niacin to act as a lightning rod of vasodilation, delivering a massive pump and increased athletic performance. Dosed correctly with only the necessary ingredients. Delivering 110% quality, transparency, and commitment to you.

Customer Reviews

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Tracy Y.
Love it!

Both my teen son and i use the pre-workout (he prefers original with creatine, i use newer version). Both taste great, provide the energy we need and it definitely feels like its easy to work harder and stay energized.

Ethan Shelby
Haven’t gotten it yet

I haven’t received my 110 percent pre-workout orgina batch yet and it’s been 10 days.

Top Tier Preworkout

As always, I am a big fan of 110 Percent Preworkout. I've tried almost every flavor and I am never disappointed!

Roman G
Taste really good!

Pre tastes great, gave me a good workout

Guy Foust

I love 110 Percent! Ever since I tried it it’s the only preworkout I buy anymore. Tastes great, feel great and great results. So thankful for the product!

Why choose us?

A commitment to you.

Born from a desire to change the way the fitness and supplement industry operated, 110 Percent was created to provide quality products in a transparent, value driven way. YOU are the most important cog in this machine, and every product we sell is made with your health and performance in mind.


I came into the gym with a headache, after driving for 40 something minutes and wasn’t as prepared as usual. I took 110 and proceeded to have my most consistent bench press day in a while and hit 2 personal records. I don’t remember crashing or ever really feeling jittery. Definitely recommend.

Jon Melamed

110% is the best pre-workout available for natural lifters. The focus I feel combined with the skin-splitting pump makes this pre-workout a bodybuilder’s dream! When I try other brands, there is too much caffeine which detracts from vasodilation and creates a jittery and distracted feeling. 110% keeps me concentrated on my work!

Nick Bazela