Non-Stim Pump Pre-Workout

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Unlike most companies that remove the caffeine from their pre-workout and call it a stim-free product, we wanted to deviate from our current formula and create something to satisfy other needs. Caffeine-free, boasting 8 grams of L-Citrulline, Huperzine A, and other vital components that make up a focus and pump + performance blend unlike any other. Whether you use it as a vasodilation tool, a stim-free performance boost, or a focus blend without caffeine - we have you covered.

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Jason Bermudez
Blackberry Tea

For my evening lifts, I wanted a boost and already trust the 110 standard. While my workout was great, I don't think I like the flavor very much, even given the name. It's pretty chalky and clumps up. Flavor is not the most important factor, but I was already so impressed with their regular pre-workout. I'd like to see this line be improved down the road. Hell, the flavors they already have with the regular-preworkout would be a great start.

Rachael OBrien
Best choice!

I knew this was going to be great before I even tried it. I trust everything Kevin puts to market.
The flavor is great, I’m focused throughout my workout and the pump is an added bonus. I workout in the evening so having a pre that won’t keep me up all night or jittery is just what I needed! Love it!!

Lindsay Phillips
Great non stim option

Great focus & pump blends. I use it when tapering off caffeine or training at night and it works amazing. Is the taste the best? No, but you're also kind of just chugging it on the way to the gym so honestly I don't mind it too much. Occasionally I'll mix it with fruit juice for preworkout carbs as well and it slaps

A little disappointed

I was pretty excited to try this because it’s my first time trying 110 but the flavor is not good. The formula is great but this taste nothing like what I expected at all and it’s pretty chalky unfortunately

Kristen V.
Goated Non-Stim Pre !!

Another one knocked out of the park by Kevin! This non-stim pump is game-changer. Its refreshing blackberry tea flavor far surpasses the OG grape. Its unique formula provides a focused mindset without the jitters from stim pre, while delivering a wicked pump. This formula offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing focus, performance, and vasodilation without relying on caffeine. Whether you're seeking a stimulant-free pump or aiming for heightened focus without the crash, this pre-workout has you covered!!

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Born from a desire to change the way the fitness and supplement industry operated, 110 Percent was created to provide quality products in a transparent, value driven way. YOU are the most important cog in this machine, and every product we sell is made with your health and performance in mind.


I came into the gym with a headache, after driving for 40 something minutes and wasn’t as prepared as usual. I took 110 and proceeded to have my most consistent bench press day in a while and hit 2 personal records. I don’t remember crashing or ever really feeling jittery. Definitely recommend.

Jon Melamed

110% is the best pre-workout available for natural lifters. The focus I feel combined with the skin-splitting pump makes this pre-workout a bodybuilder’s dream! When I try other brands, there is too much caffeine which detracts from vasodilation and creates a jittery and distracted feeling. 110% keeps me concentrated on my work!

Nick Bazela