Catalyst Intra Workout

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THE all in one performance blend for any athletic or physical activity. The traditional “intra” is typically one dimensional, omitting crucial ingredients that boost your performance, or it contains worthless ingredients like BCAAs.

Catalyst is 26 grams of high quality, fast acting carbs along with a nuanced electrolyte profile to help recomp after a water cut, or to replenish lost nutrients from sweating. It also contains Betaine which helps against muscle atrophy and is an osmolyte that has benefits on a cellular level. It also contains 600mg of Alpha GPC, which helps with neuro and muscle activation.

This formula is safe, effective and is the most important piece of the puzzle for your athletic performance whether it’s in the gym, on the field, and everything in between.

Customer Reviews

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Great Flavor!

This intra workout tastes great, mixes well, and it powers my workout through the whole session. Also, EXCELLENT customer service.

An everyday supp

This is one of my favorite supplements. I train primarily in the morning, and this is key for rehydrating before taking my pre and heading to the gym. Outside of the gym/fitness, I sip on this while doing manual labor throughout the day and it always comes in clutch.

Malachi Beltran
0 - Hero

I’ve take this on days when I have heavy days and or need the extra boost in hydration or carbs and I feel a difference in performance because I am fueled up. HIGHLY recommend it’s very much worth every penny !

Peter Cainero
Great Product

I use this before or after my long runs. Great product for re-fueling!

Also works as a great hangover cure (lol)

Abby Woodward
This stuff is amazing

I love love love this product for an intra workout or even to mix with their pre workout (black cherry is my fav & the mix of these products is delicious). I struggle with passing out in the heat & drinking this product helps my body to preform while training in the heat without passing out. Truly no other formula like this one on the market, I can’t say enough good things.

Why choose us?

A commitment to you.

Born from a desire to change the way the fitness and supplement industry operated, 110 Percent was created to provide quality products in a transparent, value driven way. YOU are the most important cog in this machine, and every product we sell is made with your health and performance in mind.


I came into the gym with a headache, after driving for 40 something minutes and wasn’t as prepared as usual. I took 110 and proceeded to have my most consistent bench press day in a while and hit 2 personal records. I don’t remember crashing or ever really feeling jittery. Definitely recommend.

Jon Melamed

110% is the best pre-workout available for natural lifters. The focus I feel combined with the skin-splitting pump makes this pre-workout a bodybuilder’s dream! When I try other brands, there is too much caffeine which detracts from vasodilation and creates a jittery and distracted feeling. 110% keeps me concentrated on my work!

Nick Bazela