Strawberries & Cream Creatine

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Take Creatine Plus to unlock more. Creatine is one of the most widely  studied ingredients, but this formula will unlock another level. 


Is an osmolyte, which aids in regulating cellular hydration. However, it’s mainly used to saturate phosphocreatine levels in muscle tissue. Phosphocreatine quickly replenishes dwindling ATP stores during short term maximal exercise by providing a phosphate to ADP.


Is an osmolyte, which aids in regulating cellular hydration. It also seems to increase work capacity and delay fatigue. Choline’s principle fate is betaine, so by increasing betaine levels, choline is more available. 


Is a powerful osmolyte, which aids in regulating cellular hydration. It is also converted into glucose or directly into a metabolite of glycolysis to help serve as fuel. These effects seem to improve aerobic and anaerobic performance.

Red Beet Nitrates (25% yield)

Red beet root powder extract is vasoprotective and is high in NO, which improves blood flow to cells. This means better delivery of nutrients & oxygen, and removal of waste products. Other constituents (such as phenolics, carotenoids, ascorbic acid, & betalains) of beet root powder have antioxidant and anti inflammatory effects.

Customer Reviews

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Patrick D
Flavored Creatine

Really good as a stand alone drink amazing flavor glycerol doesn't clump like it used to unflavored super happy about that excited for more flavors to come out in hopes it'll improve mixing it with the preworkout flavors.

A good flavor

Its a nice flavor that's not overly sweet that i was more expecting, it comes with a more grounded real strawberry flavor not as much as the fake candy strawberry flavor. 110 preworkout is and has been my go to of choice for years now

David Villabroza


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I came into the gym with a headache, after driving for 40 something minutes and wasn’t as prepared as usual. I took 110 and proceeded to have my most consistent bench press day in a while and hit 2 personal records. I don’t remember crashing or ever really feeling jittery. Definitely recommend.

Jon Melamed

110% is the best pre-workout available for natural lifters. The focus I feel combined with the skin-splitting pump makes this pre-workout a bodybuilder’s dream! When I try other brands, there is too much caffeine which detracts from vasodilation and creates a jittery and distracted feeling. 110% keeps me concentrated on my work!

Nick Bazela